Alternative Education Provisions Package

alternative provisionHere at Penshaw our staff are very experienced in teaching pupils and children with alternative physical and behavioural requirements. 

We can work on a group or one-to-one basis with one-off sessions or longer-term courses.  As well as being able to adapt all of the courses offered within our mainstream packages, we can work on an individual basis with the teacher/care-giver for those children requiring more specialised sessions.

We understand and have experience of those children with very specialist behavioural needs, and realise that, for some, simply touching a horse can be a major milestone in personal and emotional development.

All sessions are handled sensitively, confidentially and professionally, with experienced and consistent staff members.

“ A wonderful alternative to being in the classroom where children and young people of all ages get to experience what horses have to offer for a new kind of learning experience”

Gaynor Stokes, Fostering People

alternative education






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