We offer class lessons (maximum of 8) or individual lessons either on your own horse or one of the centres.

Lesson Type Details Price per person
Induction lesson - required for all new riders 30 minute private session


(off peak)



Private lesson 30 minutes £34
Private lesson 60 minutes £60
Group lesson 60 minutes; lessons cover a range of disciplines including flatwork, jumping, hacking and cross-country as appropriate. Lessons are banded by age group, ability and interests so there's something for everyone £29
Tots' Group lesson 30 minutes; suitable for those aged 4 - 8 years. Parent participation required for lead rein riders £23
Semi-Private lesson 30 minutes; 2 riders £29
Semi-Private lesson 45 minutes; 2 riders £34
Tiny Tot's lesson 30 minutes private session; for the under 4s (min age 2.5 years), these sessions include some time grooming the pony and a ride





**Guest instructor clinics and special offers are often available throughout the year - check out our facebook page for more information!**

Visit the gallery to meet some of our staff and horses!

We cater for all ages and abilities from the age of 2.5 years old. You can pay weekly in advance or by a pre paid vouchers paying for 9 lessons and getting the 10th lesson free.

Lessons are booked either in person or by telephoning the centre on 0191 584 4828 to book a suitable time and date.

Our clients usually book the same time every week. If for any reason you are unable to make it to your lesson the following will apply:

24 hours notice – no payment required

Lass than 24 hours notice – full payment required

Your first lesson at Penshaw Equestrian Centre will involve completing client registration form and induction notice which will tell us what your experience with horses is and also any medical conditions that we need to know about (this may affect the type of horse we put you on). It also states a few of our rules for example, not to feed the horses/ponies, if you want to give them anything give them to your instructor and we will put them in their feed.

The following equipment is necessary before you can ride your horse - don't worry if you don't have specialist equipment; we have everything you need to get started!


Clothing and Equipment


Should be to the latest standard (currently PAS015) with the British Kite mark. Hats can be hired at the centre however riders taking up riding on a regular basis are advised to buy their own.


Should be well fitting and comfortable.


Should be well fitting and in good repair. Strong shoes with a small heel will do but it is advisable to buy Jodhpur boots or long riding boots as soon as you are riding on a regular basis. Trainers, muckers or wellingtons are unsafe to ride in.


Or breeches make riding more comfortable but can easily be replaced with trousers so long as they are not too loose or restrictive in any way.


Necessary in cold weather, when worn it needs to be done up, loose flapping coats, scarves etc. can be frightening to your horse.


Carried by the rider to reinforce the leg aids will not compensate for poor balance and co-ordination.

Our Instructors

The person teaching you to ride, your instructor, is a crucial part of your progress and therefore it is vitally important that you and your instructor maintain a good working relationship.

Always be prepared to discuss your objectives, your aims and your ambitions with our instructor. It is vital that you trust your instructor, and that the two of you communicate. Always be prepared to discuss problems that may arise or anything that you are not sure about. If you feel that you may benefit from some time with an alternative instructor never be afraid to say so.

All teaching staff are professional instructors and are prepared to discuss and help with any problems you may have.

We always have qualified First Aiders and there are first aid kits situated around the yard.

In the event of an emergency i.e. fire an alarm will be sounded and staff will escort all clients to the fire assembly point. These are situated in the Livery Car Park area and at the front of the stable yard. DO NOT attempt to put the fire out yourself, make your way to the assembly points. A senior member of staff will advise you when you can return to the yard or if you need to return home.


The British Horse Society (BHS) runs examinations for instructors, the first of which is the BHSAI followed by the BHSII, BHSI and FBHS.


Our centre is covered by Personal & Public Liability however clients may wish to take up their own insurance and you will find information on this in the office.





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