Horse Riding Lessons Newcastle - Therapeutic Power of Horses


Many individuals, in particular children, are able to find acceptance and wellbeing through working with horses and experiencing the simple love and understanding that comes from being with these gentle giants. At Penshaw Equestrian Centre, we have focused on the psychological benefits of being with horses and converted them into a series of educational packages held at our centre.  These packages, combined with the general horse riding lessons newcastle that we can offer, create the perfect holistic equine offering to appeal to those who may be seeking alternative experiences to develop their personal or professional character.


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Psychologists state that interacting with horses helps children and adults to form better emotional connections across both working and personal life. Horses have the ability to remind us that, just like them, we all live on the same planet and have the same desires and fears. Wanting to feel accepted, wanting to have friends and wanting to strengthen relationships and get along with each other are all key goals for both humans and horses.  This discovery can be a revelation for those who have been struggling with acceptance in peer groups or with themselves and the affinity that is developed with the horse can be very empowering for handling other life situations.

Children with Autism have showed an exceptional result from equine therapy as they can find true acceptance and trust from the horse, allowing them to feel more accepted in everyday society, creating better relationships and increasing qualities such as loving and compassion.


Horses also help us to discover hidden parts about ourselves. They help us become better people, better partners, better friends and better parents. They are also great for teaching us a lesson or two. They teach us that when we are not getting what we want we are the ones who need to change, either how we are doing something and maybe even how we acting in what we are doing. And what a great lesson to teach our children. A horse can be a child’s greatest teacher in learning and developing personal attributes that can enrich a child’s wellbeing. Those of you who already have horse riding lessons Newcastle will know that a horse has no ego, never lies and is also never wrong.

horse riding lessons in newcastle


 A bigger fact in this modern day is that children and young people spend a lot of time on smartphones, computers, games  consoles etc. and spend less time interacting. This has been seen to disconnect children from the natural world and put  them in a world that is their game.  Real, physical interaction with horses can startle children out of this virtual world,  creating real-life problem-solving scenarios and opportunity for creative thinking.  The emotional connections that can be  built with an honest and trusting four-legged partner can bring about empowerment, peace and self-confidence that no  computer game ever could.  In addition to this, being with horses provides opportunity for physical activity and being  outdoors, all-too-important in an increasing digital world. 

 Horses connect children to the power of nature and living in the moment. Many have stated that time spent outside  interacting with a horse is one of the most powerful ways to prevent nature-defect disorder and inspire children to learn,  grow, be healthy and, most importantly, to accept themselves and realise that they too are important and can achieve  anything they want to.



Here at Penshaw we realise and encourage the power of horses in children and adults. We offer horse riding lessons Newcastle weekdays and weekends and also run several Educational Provision packages for Primary, Secondary and Alternate Provisions. So, to get in contact with us you can either message us on Facebook, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 0191 584 4828.











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