What to look for when organising a Corporate Day?

corporate team buildingIs it your job to organise your corporate team building Newcastle day but you are not exactly sure what to look for and what will be best for your staff? Well we have put this guide together to show you all the dos and don’ts when booking a corporate team event.


Corporate team building Newcastle days can increase overall employee performance by improving their communication, leadership, team working skills, co-operation, relationships and much more.  They help to enhance employee job satisfaction and help extend the understanding of your company’s corporate goals and objectives. However, if they are poorly designed and administrated they can do nothing. That is why it is important to book the right team building day for your staff, so by following our list of dos and don’ts you should plan a corporate day with a difference.


DO include events in your team building day that mirror the struggles that your employees confront daily. This could be a communication issue; so having challenges that test and improve your staff’s communication by working in teams to achieve a common goal will be a fantastic learning experience from the day, which can then be mirrored back into working life.


DON’T include events that could be too physically demanding for any team members. You are likely to have different strengths, fitness levels and physical capabilities within your team. So you don’t want to include anything that could make any of your staff feel humiliated as this would lead to negative morale and demotivation, which is something you do not want to take away from your corporate team building Newcastle day and have it mirrored back to the workplace. It is best to look carefully at your team and set a level of physical activity that is low enough so every team member can participate. Physical activities can be memorable and successful, just make sure everyone can be involved.


team buildingDO follow up the lessons that your team learnt on the day. Every exercise will be clearly designed to replicate problems in the workplace, so by you team successfully completing each task will improve the way they tackle problems in the workplace. It is therefore important that you have follow up sessions to re-emphasise and measure your teams’ progress. Quite often team building days are used as a one-time exercise when in reality they should serve as an opening ceremony to improve your teams’ skills for a continuing drive towards success.


DON’T include tasks in your team building day that are too draining or too mindless. Your employees also need to have fun whilst completing the tasks, otherwise they will be seen as dull and will not have a lasting effect. Try to get a balance of tasks that will ultimately help solve problems in the workplace but will also be enjoyable and fun for the team. Creating a fun way of getting a message across will always prove more successful.


DO consider hiring professionals to organise your day; depending on your cost constraints. Professional companies can help you determine the messages that you want to get across and the lessons you want to be learnt. They can then organise the specific tasks in order to mirror your workplace and gain the best results for your team.

We hope this list of dos and don’ts has given you some great tips for organising your perfect corporate team building Newcastle day. Here at Penshaw we have a corporate day package that runs from 10am – 3pm and focuses on developing team morale, bonding, confidence, patience, leadership and much more. We can also create bespoke packages to match any requirements you may have. For more information, please visit our Penshaw Corporate Team Building Days page



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